Pinspiration: Texture!!!!!

Looking through all the neat style photos on pinterest, get me so inspired. I try to be as original as possible with my style, but there is nothing wrong with being influenced by other fashionistas!

 Lately, I have been loving all the style post that involve mixing texture. Such as: a simple tee with a leather skirt, a pretty blouse with lace skirt, a soft sweater with a tulle skirt, or leather jacket and tulle skirt. These are some looks that I'd like to recreate with what I have in my closet...

Find these and more on my Pinterest style boards!



Vintage Floral Print dress: Thrifted
Vintage Belt: Thrifted
Vintage Cape: Thrifted
Cream Mary Jane Heels: Amazon
     There are a handful of things I am thankful for this thanksgiving. My faith, family, hubby, health, and all the beautiful people I'm surrounded with. I'm so excited and looking forward to see my family together for thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention having to eat all the delicious food.

     The cape I'm wearing here was only $0.45! I have been searching for a knitted cape for a while now. So when I first saw this one I was thrilled! It's a bit granny'ish, but I loved how warm and cozy it is. I now have four capes, all vintage.

Are you planning on shopping for black Friday?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


~It Was a Windy Day~

Collar Shirt: f21
Vintage Belt: Thrifted 
Vintage Skirt: Thrifted 
Floral Heels: Marshall's
Vintage Purse: Thrfted
Watch: Target

Yesterday was not the best day to take photos. It was incredibly windy, nothing new for a Chicago native. The alley was probably not the best place to take photos, but there are not many nice areas for me to take pictures by where I live. I was so glad to spend the rest of the day at one of my favorite diners. There, I had my usual cup of chili and senior turtle sundae. Yum!

 Well time to go work on my school finals. Enjoy your week! 



Its a Print Party

Vintage Plaid Blouse: Thrifted 
Vintage Red belt: Thrifted 
Vintage Polka Dot Skirt: Thrifted 
Vintage Plaid Pumps: Thrifted 
Vintage Purse: Thrifted 

 November is finally here! That means that I'm going to be running around like a headless chicken trying to turn in final assignments for school. This month not only brings sleepless nights, stressful days, but also Thanksgiving. Now that's something to look forward to. Most of my close relatives are here in Chicago, so I don't really leave town for thanksgiving. It is still very exciting for me to be in a full house not only with the people I love but with the food I love. 


Guest Post for Pretty is This

A couple of weeks ago, I did a guest post for my lovely friend Stefanie from Pretty is This . I talked about three of my top thrift shopping tips. You can see the rest of pictures and blog post here


Today is Going to be a Good Good Day!

Hello there, 

Earlier today I decided that it was going to be good good day. I hardly ever do that. You know talking positively and all that good mantra. Anyway...So on my way back home from work I had a car accident. Yes my FIRST ever!!! I won't go into details, but I'm so glad nobody got hurt. Except of course my poor Beany (yes I named my car, its silly I know). It was more like a fender bender. Both cars were not greatly damaged, but I sure did get scared.

So much for declaring good things into my life. Honestly, I think that it was a good day, because things could have been worst. 

 What are you grateful for today?



Thrifty Thursday

 I can't believe we are already in the month of October. Where is the time going?? It has been quite a while since my last Thrifty Thursday post. You can tell I'm back in school since that leaves me with no time to be jumping from thrift store to thrift store. It consumes my time and my wallet (<---school). 

Well today I was able to pay a visit to two of my favorite thrift stores. Sadly, I did find a lot of fun vintage clothes, but in a way that was good because I'm broke. Anyway this is what I did find: 

The sweater guard clips were $10.99. They were way off my budget, but I really liked them. Plus I hardly ever find them at the thrift stores and they are super pricey online.

How cute are these chair pins? Each one was $0.90. I bought them because they remind me so much of my in-laws. Why? because they work reupholstering vintage furniture.


 ....And a pretty vintage red dress. This was $3.60. I can't wait to wear it.

That is all. Enjoy your weekend!!!



Blog Featured

Hello everyone! Last week I was featured in a lovely blog that embraces modesty, Pentecostal Lookbook . Check out what I had to say and more details on my outfit Here.



There is no doubt that ever since I joined Pinterest my style has been slightly modified. I just love looking through photos of other girl's neat style. Slowly I have developed ideas of my own and borrowed some. Lets be honest at the end of the night originality rarely exist. But we make our outfits original with our very own personality, attitude, and of course those last personal touches. 

Here are some of my favorite recent pins:  


Fall is Here!

This past Saturday was the first day of Autumn and I couldn't be more jolly. I have never really liked summer and to know that it is finally over brings me joy. Goodbye annoying bugs and sweaty armpits. Here come fun layering outfits, colorful tights, and delicious hot warming teas. 

Well to celebrate the arrival of Autumn here is a fun 60's inspired outfit! Enjoy and have a lovely Monday!!!


Dress Vintage Thrifted
Shoes F21 


Layers Layers Layers

Vintage thrifted collar blouse 
Thrifted White house black market skirt 
Thrifted vintage tutu 
Snake print wedges from TJMax

So I can't stop wearing my white house black market skirt. It's super tight but I always try to hide that with either a long blazer or in this case a see through skirt over it. I'm not very happy with the way this outfit turned out. I think a different pair of shoes would have helped. But have I mentioned how much I like my studded skirt?




It has been a busy week full of instagraming. I'm an addict. It would be awesome if I could print all of my photos. But that would be expensive. Here are some pics that I took this week and maybe last:
My attempt to a braided up do. I was hoping it would be higher but I actually liked how it turned out. 

Here is picture of what I wore to school on Wednesday. Granny Diana came out to play. Haha! I love wearing slouchy sweaters. They are so comfy and they keep me warm on my train rides to school. Everything I'm wearing here is thrifted.  

 So, I thrifted this skirt on Tuesday and I'm trying to figure out how I would wear it. I'm still not sure how this would look on. I will also try to pair the skirt with a lace blouse and a blazer. Its so much fun when each piece has a different texture.
 Some pretty neat collar dresses and blouse I thrifted last week. I love the yellow one!! They all need minor alterations so I'm hoping I will finish them before the fall ends.
This is a super cute and large bow brooch I thrifted this Tuesday. I adore large brooches there is just so many ways to wear them. They can really change your look. 

So yeah I have to get back to packing. This weekend I will be going on a camping trip with my husband and church members. I'm super stoked since I have never gone camping. I bought some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for smores! What are you planning for this weekend?




Monkeys, Ducks and what? a Unicorn?

Cropped button top thrifted
Pleated Duck Print Vintage Thrifted
Franco Sarto Heels Thrifted
Unicorn Brooch Thrifted
Belt Vintage Thrifted 
Red Clutch Vintage Thrifted

     So this past weekend my aunt asked me to watch her cat for a few days. I thought it would be a good idea and said yes. I had a small phase where I tried to convince Moe on getting a cat, but I failed. You would think that having the cat over for a few days will only make me want one even more or help me convince Moe on getting one
     The truth is that this whole weekend has been a nightmare! Having any sort of pet is time consuming. Not only that but there are also expenses involved. Maybe back then when I was younger it was easier for me to have cats since I had more time on my hands and less financial needs. 
    This whole weekend I have been cleaning the cats but after he poops. I know gross! I think he still doesn't know how to clean up since he is very young. Also, I have to keep a very close eye on him because he keeps scracthing on the silk sofa. Not to mention how he loves to climb me stabbing me with his nails. I'm convinced this cat is from hell. I still love cats but I'm no longer thrilled about ever having one. 

Have a lovely labor day!



Vintage Thrifted Blazer 
Vintage Sequin Blouse 
White House Black Marked Thrifted Skirt 
F21 Shoes 

Fall is practically around the corner! Two of my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. So all summer I have been dreaming about the Fall. Most of the items I have thrifted these past weeks are Fall ready. From sequin blouses to cozy knits. What is your favorite season? Why? 


Thrifty Thursday: August Part 2

So this week I did not get to do much thrift shopping but....On our way back home from our mini vacation at Wisconsin Dells we (the hubby and I) spotted an Antique Mall. I will post more pictures of the mall soon. For now these were some of the items I purchased on our visit there.

Odd vintage stamps $5, I know I'm weird. 
31 vintage colorful threads for only $15!!
Adorable vintage brooch $4.99, momma likes!
Cute vintage postcard $2 

Well this week is flying by so fast. I have so many things I want to cram in, since I start school next week. I want to finish cleaning out my closet and maybe add some things to my online shop. My brother in law is in town visiting and we want to go swimming, downtown, and get some Giordano's pizza. I'm also planning on going to the Randolph Street Market this weekend. The list goes on! Lets see how much I get done. I hope you all ave a fabulous weekend! 



Hello Yellow

Dress: Thrifted Vintage 
Belt: Thrifted Vintage 
Shoes: F21
Purse: Thrifted 
Butterfly: H&M 
 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this purse at the thrift store last week. From the moment I saw it I knew it had to come home with me. I think it is one of the cutest purses I have ever seen. I loved it! Buuuuuuut.....I wasn't sure how my husband was going to take it. When he saw it he thought it was an actual water can and did not believe that it was a purse.
     I wore this outfit on Sunday for church and after we went to eat at Portillo's Hot Dogs. At church everyone already knows me and my style, but when we went out to eat my husband brought to my attention that people were just staring at me. I just laughed. In all honesty, I really don't care what people think of my style. I appreciate the sweet comments I get. But when I get dressed, I do it for myself and no one else. Well I also like to dress cute for my husband and that's it.
     If we worry about what others might think of our outfits we we'll never please them all. At the end of the night you are the one wearing the outfit not them. Of course there are right ways to dress for certain occasions but that doesn't mean that you need to dress like someone that is not you. And the best accessory to one's outfit is a good character. Don't forget to smile!