New Year's Eve Outfit!

Hello all!

It's been a while since my last post. One of the reasons I haven't blogged is that I have been thinking a lot about changing my perspective on blogging. Well I don't want to talk much about that yet. 

New Year's Eve is around the corner and who doesn't love to receive the new year with style?! 

I'm still not sure what I will wear for our New Years church service. Having in mind what I have in my closet, I searched pinterest for outfit inspiration. 

The Fringe Dress 
Mine is black but I think it would be perfect with some silver accessories. 


I have all three similar styles. Sequins have been or become a traditional pick for NYE dress code. 

Tulle Skirt


Full Skirt 

I think I'm leaning more towards a full skirt with a simple chic blouse.

Find these looks and more on my Pinterest board.



November Lately...

Hello all! Here are some photos that I've shared on instagram and some that I did not. I am no photographer what so ever, just look at the pictures haha. I love to capture random pretty things around me. Enjoy!

I just love plants!

I didn't get to take pictures of this outfit, but I had to share this one of some lovely details. Top, belt, skirt, and belt were all thrifted!

Just some fun items I thrifted this weekend.

One of my few dresses that will be added to the store soon!

Kitty!!! I love taking naps with this girl.

The details of this dress are so dainty... 

I just love when my spider plant gives me flowers. These tiny flowers only last a day or two.

Lately been print mixing all month.

Kitty boo trying to drink some water.


There is a Print Party and Everyone is Invited!

Hello world! 

Here is look I wore to church yesterday. Pretty much all I'm wearing is thrifted! Except for the socks they are from F21. 

Yesterday the hubs and I went kitchen cabinet shopping. That means the moving date is only getting closer!! Eep!! 

He doesn't want me to see the house until all is done getting put together. He has me at the edge of my seat. I'm so proud and thankful for all of my husbands hard work. 

Well, have a fabulous week!! 



Black and white


Hello all!!! 

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Autum thus far. 

As I continue to wear more cold weather clothes, I am beginning to see a pattern of black and white choices.  

And that is not like me! It is interesting to see how my taste for style shifts as I get older.  

Here is quick outfit post. Enjoy! 



Bonjour BonLook!

Dress/Thrifted Vintage, Belt/Thrifted, Shoes/ F21, Glasses c/o Bonlook 

Hello All!

I'm extra happy to write this post today, because I will be talking about my new eye glasses from Bonlook. They are the La Marquise - Tortoise frames. It's funny how when I first found out that I needed glasses I dreaded the idea. I would only wear them during class back in high school and through most of my early college years. I guess I wasn't comfortable with how they looked on me to wear them all the time. 

Honestly, some of the frames that I could afford back then were not that appealing either. I'm so glad for companies like Bonlook! They not only have great affordable prices but also such phenomenal styles of frames.

I have been eying the frames I got for a while. I just love the cat eye style and the fact that they come in tortoise. The only downfall is that my cheeks are too fat. Ha! The bottom of the frames lay right on top of my "cheek bones" so when I push them up they leave a mark. Other then that I have been wearing them all day and night and haven't experience any problems. It might be too soon to talk about the quality, but so fart so good.

If you wear eye glasses and are in need of new frames you should check them out! 

Thank You Bonlook!!!



Gray vs. Grey

Dress/Thrifted Vintage, Belt/Thrifted Vintage, Brooch/Thrifted Vintage, Shoes and clutch/H&M

      I can't remember the last time wore I one color throughout an outfit. I'm not a fan of just wearing one color. That is why you will rarely see me wearing all black. I got this dress at a thrift store by the house my husband and I just bought a few months ago...

     About that, well we still haven't moved in yet. The house needs few last changes before we can start painting, adding new floors, and kitchen cabinets. Till then, we won't be ready to move in.

     Not moving in right now is something I'm totally okay with. School is just really keeping me busy. I can't imagine having to pack all our stuff on top of everything else I'm already doing. Not now, I would go crazy. I'm on my 9th week of student teaching, that means 7 more to go!! 

     I'm glad for such a beautiful experience. I'm learning so many things and applying a lot of what I have learned.

    I hope you all have a pleasant week! I have to get back to grading papers (I'm typing this with a smile on my face... what I love grading papers!) 



Fall Pinspiration

 One of the best parts about living in Chicago is that you get to experience all four seasons. Fall, being one of my favorites! Nothing inspires me to be creative with my style more than Autumn.

I have been meaning to share this post with you for the past two weeks, but because of time I haven't gotten around to it. So here it is! Here are some of the style pics from my Pinterest boards that have inspired me this Fall...

Pastels!!! When you think of Fall these are not the first colors that pop in your head. I might be breaking the rules of fashion. Honestly, I don't know many so technically I'm not breaking any? 

Playing with textures! There is no way I could be wearing a feathered skirt or tulle in the middle of summer. In winter I may freeze, but in the Fall just add some spunky tights and you are ready to go. Not to mention that you can add even more textures with studded or glitter tights. This outfit alone is mixing knit, feathers, and velvet. 

Pops of neon are great with dark colors. I love how you can still use your neon summer blouses under soft sweaters or dresses. It could also be a neon pair of tights.

Sweaters and full skirts. This may not look good on me because of how chubby I've gotten. Truly I can care less. I have already tried it and I loved it! I look forward to pairing both more often this fall. 

Layers, layers, layers! nough said...

What are some looks you are inspired by for the Fall?


Sunday Funday!

Hello all!! I'm now on my 6th week of student teaching. Whew! Ten more to go. I'm currently trying my best to stay organized. Being a teacher is a lot of work and if you are not organized you well learn to be! 

Here is my Sunday outfit: Thrifted: vintage dress, vintage lace blouse, vintage belt, vintage brooch, boots from Amazon, ring c/o Modern Design Inc 

How awesome is my tungsten ring?! Modern Design Inc sells custom made rings and wholesaled to many stores. I was contacted by them to write a review on one of their rings. I gotta tell ya, it was not easy choosing a ring. They have so many great options to select from. I was very pleased with my decision. The detail across the middle of my Carbide ring is very unique and beautiful! Check them out! 



September lately...

Tomorrow err today is the first day of Fall! Fall is by far my favorite season. I just love the weather. I enjoy the cool Chicago winds and not to mention the wardrobe change. 

This month I have been busy with all my student teaching preparations. I haven't really been at home long enough to write regularly. Somehow I have manage to to squeeze in some time for thrift shopping...what? I'm sooo broke. 

Here are some of my Instagram photos: 

Outfit prepping

Kitty boo

Thrifted vintage dress 


Thrifted goods

Print mixing 

Grape sweater I thrifted!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!