Dress with Collars


Vintage Dress: Joy Roy Vintage, belt and purse: Thrifted Vintage, Shoes: Thrifted Unknown brand 

How charming is this dress?! I bought it from Joy Roy Vintage. They have an etsy shop as well as an istagram shop. You can find the on Instagram by searching for them: @joyroyvintage. By far this has been one of my most favorite purchases from them. 

Aside from the style and fit on this vintage gem, I just love the collar! I love a good vintage collar. This dress has it all. Although I wore this on a rainy summer evening, I look forward to wearing it more this fall. 




Dress Transformation

From this 

To this

Ahh, I'm still not sure but I feel that it is a bit short. I found this dress while thrift shopping and thought I could sell it. Once I brought it home and decided to try it on, bam!! I liked it. 


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Thank you!! xoxo


Sunday's Threads: Pink Again...

Vintage and Thrifted: Dress (similar),  Belt (similar), Brooch (similar), Purse (similar), Shoes from Amazon (similar)

     Funny thing about me wearing a pink dress (and for the second time this month), is that I never liked the color pink. I forget why... Anyway, the past weekend was jam packed with events. I woke up on Sunday feeling super tired. I honestly just wanted to sleep in! But, I didn't. I got up and put the first dress I saw on.

This Sunday,  I also rediscover the cute shoes I am wearing. The last time I wore them was the Fall of last year. Yikes! I have grown to become such a horrible hoarder. I have things in my closet that I forget I bought at the thrift (this dress is actually a good example). I can't help but feel bad about such habit.

Well, all that is going to end. We are soon to be moving to our new house, so I will have to do some heavy closet cleaning. I will also have a huge sale on my online shoppe Retro Glam.

Stay tune for the shop updates by following me on my instagram account @shopRetroGlam. I will post more info of the sale there.

- D


Pink Flamingo


Vintage Dress Far From Here Vintage/ Vintage belt, vintage purse, vintage shoes, vintage brooch all thrifted...

Hello Loves! 

     I hope everyone is having a fabulous day...How dreamy is my "new" to me vintage dress? When I first laid eyes on this cutie it was late at night (I tend to browse for vintage on the interwebs when I can't sleep). Sadly, I could not buy it right away. A few weeks later after that night, I was surprised to see that the dress was still available and I had to beg my hubby to buy it for me as a birthday gift.  I had to contact the shop owner Seanette for a few questions. She was very quick to answer and very helpful. I finally ordered the dress and well here I am wearing it. 

I loved the details of the dress from the crochet collar, to the pleated skirt, and also the lovely sleeves! I know for sure this won't be my last purchase from this shop.

Please stop by Seaneete's shop Far From Here Vintage and take a peek at her lovely vintage items. Who knows you too might fall in love with a couple of pieces or more.

- D


Sunday's Threads

Eyeglasses and Camouflage shirt F21, Vintage Dress, vintage belt, and vintage yellow heels all Thrifted

Hello all!
      Here is a funny story, I have been hunting for a strapless dress since the Fall of 2013. I even added it to my "Look For" list. Yes! I have a list I take with me when I thrift shop, mental list that is. It keeps me from buying things I don't need. So it wasn't until Saturday that I discovered this 80's vintage dress in my very own closet. I completely forgot about it since it was put away along with other summer pieces. I must have thrifted this dress about three summers ago.

     Initially, I have been wanting a strapless dress to style it with a white collar slouchy button up shirt. Once I found my dress, I started looking through my closet for the perfect white top to wear it with only to find out that I don't own that kind of top. Ha! All of my white blouses are vintage, with funky collars, eyelet details, and silly collar trims. So I wound up wearing it with my camouflage shirt from F21.

To get a better idea of a classy way to wear that strapless dress in your closet, take a look at some style Pinspiration:

Most of these are styled with a white collared shirt, but don't be afraid to add a little twist. You can wear a fun printed top, t-shirt, or a turtle neck sweater for the fall.

you can find me on pinterest here.



Sunday's Threads

Hell Bunny dress/buy here, vintage hat, vintage purse, and jean top all thrifted/ shoes F21

Hello all!

I have been wanting a dress from Modcloth, but for what ever reason I never get to set aside enough money. Well...A few weeks ago while thrift shopping I found this darling dress that happens to also be available for purchase at Modcloth here

Sadly after wearing the dress I realized that it was too big for me. I also realized that I wouldn't be able to wear it with a top over or under with out affecting it's unique look and style. So to the Shop it goes.

I hope you all have a pleasant week!