Olivia's Birth Story: Part One

Olivia is now 11 weeks old and we are very happy to finally meet her! 
I don't want more weeks to go by without me recording my baby's birth story as it is still fresh in my mind. Or so I think. I would do my best to describe it. Here we go!

I had my 40th wk appointment on Wednesday October 15. During that check up, there were not many signs that I would give birth anytime soon. I was dilated 1cm and had only experienced braxton hicks contractions. I was a bit anxious since I was already entering my 40th week and just couldn't wait to meet my baby. Although the option to induce labor was made, I opted to continue to wait.

 Later that day, I began to get actual contractions! They started 30 mins apart and felt like bad cramping, but I could still walk and talk through them. By 4 am, Thursday, they gradually began to get 5-7 min apart from each other and lasted for what seemed like 40 secs. They were getting a bit more uncomfortable, and I started to concentrate more on my breathing. Moe, my husband, noticed I was in pain and suggested we go to the hospital. Although my contractions were more close in time, they had not been completely regular for a whole hour (like they are supposed to, to be in active labor). To be safe, I agreed with him and we decided to go. Even if it wasn't time yet, I was curious to know if there had been any improvement. 

 Once at the hospital, I continued feeling contractions but they were still not regular. I walked calmly to get registered and they wheeled me up to the labor unit. There they put me in a room where they monitored the baby's heart and my contractions. The doctor later came in to check me and I was stills 1cm dilated. I was so bummed since the contractions seemed promising (clearly I did not know what active labor contractions were at the time). To be safe before discharging us, the doctor asked me to walk around the hospital for an hour. The contractions were further apart and I was able to walk. The hour passed and nothing had changed, and they sent us back home. I was so upset! I had to hold back tears. The doctor cheered me up by letting me know that it wont be much longer before we meet our little girl.

 The rest of that day the contractions continued to be erregular and uncomfortable. I was able to take naps. By the next morning, Friday,  my contractions were way more painful I had to stop what I was doing for each one. I spent the day at my mother's house with the company of my grandmother and my 22 month old sister. As the contractions got much stronger I began to track them with an app, I had downloaded on my phone. They were getting so strong that I would sweat just holding in the pain. Later that evening, Moe came to pick me up. He saw that I could no longer take the pain from the contractions. But they were not regular enough for us to go to the hospital. I hated the thought of getting sent back home.

 We waited an hour, the pain just got more unbarable, and the contractions closer in time. I was in tears!! Moe then some how managed to walk me to our car and we rushed to the hospital. 

To be continued....


Baby Shower

This past weekend I had my baby shower. I was able to plan it along with the help of my aunt Angie. I wanted a small intimite party. Once we had the date, I started looking for quirky little details at thrift shops. I wanted the shower to be as simple as possible but with a little touch of vintage quirkyness.

I got the jars on various of my trips to the thrift. Only paid $0.45 per bottle. The paint is Martha Stewart's vintage chalk matte. 

I used 2 yards of white plastic lace tablecloth, from our local textile outlet, to cut it into runners for the tables. The blue tablecloths are from Party City. 

The doilies were also thrifed vintage for like $0.60!

Thrifted vintage baby dresses to decorate the little house. 

I used thrifted tablecloths and thrifted window curtains to decorate the gifts' table and favors' table.
Lights are from Target.  
Overall, I was glad to see my family and close friends. I'm so grateful for everyone that attended. We had some yummy variety of tostadas, played games, had cake, and open sweet presents. My aunt did a great job organizing the whole event. I still can't believe that in just 7 more weeks, God willing, we will get to meet our sweet Olivia. 


Problems of a vintage seller

It has been a bit over five months since my last blog post. But now I'm back! Well at least I will try to post more often again. As you can see, if you don't follow me on instagram, I am with child. Which is a whole other story. I will be happy to share with you soon. I'm currently five months pregnant. I won't find out what we are having until this coming Monday. Both my husband and I are very happy and grateful for this sweet tiny but big blessing. Now that I feel much better I hope to share a bit more about my pregnancy on the blog.
So, what are some problems I have come across selling vintage clothes?
One, you become somewhat of a hoarder. Although I'm not a full time seller, the little inventory that I have has begun to pile up. If you were to walk in to my house right now you would find bags of vintage clothes in random corners. Maybe a few piles on my couch and another pile by my kitchen table.
Two, you want to keep all of it. Okay maybe not all of it, only most of the items in your size. This top dress is a prime example of this problem. It was a sunny afternoon, when I was shooting some vintage dresses to post on my shop. It wasn't until a took photos of this cutie, that I realized I just couldn't let it go. I fell in love with the buttons, the sleeves, and the dots. So, I ran to my closet and took out a vintage dress that I didn't wear any more to sell instead of this. You just have to compromise if not your closet will eventually overflow.  
Those are my two problems so far in the three years that I have been selling vintage clothes. Do any of you have a clothing shoppe? Do you have similar issues? Do tell!!
I usually post more on my instaShop over at http://websta.me/n/shopretroglam or you can find me by searching @shopretroglam on the instagram app.

All thrifted: Vintage Dress, vintage clutch, and vintage brooch /Hat from Walmart /Shoes from MakeMeChic


Dreaming of Summer

Hello, hello!! 

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by an eShakti representative. They wanted to know if I would like to review one of their pieces of clothing. Of course I was super excited and said yes! I had read plenty of eShakti reviews from other bloggers. Many with a really good experiences.  

Eshakti is an online clothing store that specializes on not only selling the products they have as they are, but they can also customize them to fit your style. There is a fee of $7. 50 for each customization. They can customize sleeve styles, neck lines, and the lengths. The possibilities are endless! The best part is that they sell from sizes 0 to 36w or you can also give them your very own measurements for a better fit. 

Choosing an item was not easy, eShakti has an assortment of styles: Retro Modern, Bohemian, and Contemporary.  I narrowed it down to Retro Modern and after looking carefully I decided on this dress. I really liked the embroidery details. The shades of orange mix pretty well with the navy pin stripes.

The fit is okay, I ordered a size down then what I would usually order (that's why my chest area looks weird). It has side zipper, and very easy to close. I love how the bodice is nice and fitted and the skirt is full. The best part is that the lining of the skirt is also full circle and crinoline friendly.

The quality of the fabric is really good. I hardly buy vintage inspired clothing because the quality is not the same to a lot of  true vintage clothing. The shell is 100% cotton and the lining of the skirt area is 100% polyester.

Shipping was quick. From the day they shipped the order, it only took about a week to arrive.

The only downfall, and this is on me, is that I wished I customized the sleeve style. I was tempted to get longer sleeves, but was afraid that they would not look okay. Ah!

Shoes Forever 21 (similar
Wicker Purse Vintage (similar)

Overall lovely costumer service, quick shipping, and great quality! Thank you eShakti!



P.S. If you register today, you can get a $30 coupon towards your next purchase. I registered last weekend and got $25 coupon and I purchased my first official dress. I'll share more soon.


Just a Llittle Rant

Vintage Dress: Duet Vintage, Vintage Fedora: thrifted, Payless heels: thrifted 


Have you ever had so much to do that you don't even know where to start from?  Well that is how I feel today. It is probably one of the reasons why sometimes I'm not even sure why I have a blog .Okay, I do know one reason. I love sharing my thrifty outfits, promoting recycled fashion, and from time to time sharing DIY's, three reasons? 

Being organized is not easy period! But, I believe it is doable. It amazes me how much more I was able to get done when I was in school, working part time jobs, and helping at my local church. Now that I'm at home every other day, I can't seem to get most things done. Sometimes I catch myself trying to do three things at once. And many of us know that is not going to work. 

How do you stay organized?

Anyway, I have completed week three of eating better. I think from now on, I will stop counting the weeks. Especially if it is a life goal that I'm shooting for. Total count down 6lbs lost, not sure how many inches. It's interesting how men lose weight much more easier than women. My husband lost far much more than I. haha!

This fabulous vintage dress that I purchased from Duet Vintage on Etsy, did not fit me a few months ago. I was a little nervous to try it on, but it fit! Truly one of the quirks of a successful new eating routine.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of  your week! 



Pin Curls, Girl

Vintage Dress/ @Mylovelyvintagelife IG shop
      It has only been two weeks since I started eating better. I have stopped eating out, no more late night snacks, and I have been cooking more at home. And it is amazing how soon I began seeing the results of my new eating habbits. This dress for example, I bought it about four months ago. Although I knew it wouldn't fit right away, I just had to try it on the day it arrived. Sadly, the buttons just wouldn't close.
   Today I felt extra brave and decided to try it on. It is still a bit tight, but I can sit down comfortably and not worry about the buttons popping out. I would probably not wear it out yet because of the fit and how cold it has been here in Chicago. Can't wait to try it on in a few more weeks, God willing, and see if it will fit better.
 I'm so excited to continue this new journey of eating better. This is truly one of my life goals and no longer just another new years resolution. I know it has only been two weeks and we are just starting the new year, but I think that seeing that my health is at risk has really kept me motivated. It is no longer about the cute clothes, or looking thin. I just want to be, feel, and stay healthy.
What are some of your life goals? What keeps you motivated?
Proverbs 3:6


Hello 2015

Dress: Modcloth, Belt: vintage  Thrifted: shoes, bag, and brooch

Hello all! 

Happy new year! Hello 2015! I'm so grateful for this new year. I have so many goals and dreams. I don't even know where to start. This year I really really REALLY hope to lose some lbs, read more, help more, and get a teaching job. I have been looking into both failed and accomplished goals from the past. I think that by doing so, I am able to see what works better for me. Commiting to your goals is not easy, but once accomplished they are rewarding. I know that with a little commitment, dedication, and God's help I can accomplish many great things this year. 

What are some of your goals for 2015? 

Xox Diana