Vintage green + Pleats

Vintage Green blouse  
Thrifted Belt 
Vintage Black Pleated Skirt
F21 Wedges

Hello Retro lovers! I hope you are all having a fantastic week. You have no idea how glad I am to be done with my summer semester. Although I had so much fun learning, the last week always seems to be so stressful. With finals and last minute projects there is just no time to relax. Now that I will be having some extra time, I'm hoping I can do some more DIY, outfit, and thrift finds posts. As for my outfit, I've had that skirt for such a long time. It is one of my favorites! I have also used it as a dress. The top, I bought it sometime earlier this year. I really like the top because of its color and the beautiful crochet-like detail. 

Happy Weekend!



DIY Fruit Brooch!

 *I got this neat idea after I saw a blog post from Scathingly Brilliant on a diy eraser brooch.*



From Stella McCarthy to Prada the fruit print is set to be all over this summer. Although the fruit print was featured last Spring 2011, it seems that it will be returning for Summer 2012. You can find cute fruit printed clothing at ASOS, Macy's, &TOPSHOP!


-Set of erasers from Target
-Super Glue 

Instructions: Very simple just apply the super glue on the pin and then glue it onto the fruit eraser of your choice. Press both tightly together for about 30-40 seconds until the glue dries. Now you have a cute trendy brooch!



New in Store

I have been so busy trying to get a lot of cute vintage added to the store. I have to admit I was a bit scared about opening an online store but I'm glad I did it. Not sure how much longer I will commit to it since I do have other plans but so far so good. Hope you get a chance to stop by and look at my store. There is link on the blog and also here.



June is Here

Blazer: Thrifted 
Dress: Vintage 
Purse: Vintage 
Pumps: Vintage 

 Well May is finally over and June is only beginning. This month is packed with so many different activities. My birthday is also in this month. I will be finishing my summer classes. This only means that June will end far much quickly since is so packed with events for me. Do you guys have anything planned or to look forward in this month?