Thrifty Thursday

Is impossible for me to stop thrift shopping so much, but by having a budget and sticking to it I have control over how much I spend. With that said, here are just a few of my favorite finds this month so far...

Lovely vintage purple dress, isn't the collar dreamy?

Contrast collared vintage blouse and vintage polka dot dress 

This lovely vintage white dress will soon be one of my outfit posts. I can't wait to wear it!!

And my t-strap heels collection continues to grow.

vintage lace pumps!

Vintage Samsonite cosmetic case that will house my curling irons

Cute steel tote?

Have a great weekend!



I stress when I stress

This weekend, we had our church couples dinner in honor of Valentines day. First, we had lovely conference on marriage and then we went to Connie's Pizza for dinner.

Even though its been a somewhat pleasant week, I can't help but stress over all the work I have to do for school. In a week, I will be presenting my first lesson to a group of 2nd graders. Exciting!!! Yet nerve racking. I'm doing my best to prepare with hopes that everything will turn out okay.

I'm wearing a vintage thrifted dress, vintage collar blouse thrifted, vintage purse, vintage white heels also thrifted.


Happy Valentines Day

I hope you all have a fabulous valentines day!! Remember to share with your love ones how much you love them but not just today, everyday!


Dress and belt: vintage thrifted, shoes also from the thrift.


Polkadots and Buttons

This year, I really don't have any resolutions, but I did wanted to make some changes. That bad thing about being a thriftaholic is that I have gathered so many clothes. I've gathered so many clothes that sometimes I forget what I have.
For example, this vintage dress. I bought it last year around spring and I'm barely wearing. I've tried to stop thrift shopping just to give myself a chance to appreciate and wear what I already have, but that has not worked. I think I ended thrift shopping twice as much.
So, this year I'm changing the way I look at clothes and will be planning my outfits with more time, so that I won't wear the same thing. As far as the thrift shopping, I'm only going once a week (it's a work in progress hehe).

Feel free to give me some advice or tips.


Outfit details: vintage dress & vintage purse & and vintage heels all thrifted.


Green and Pink


Can you believe it? February already??

I have been so busy with school work. And it's only going to get busier. I'm glad I got a chance to blog. I wore this vintage skirt and sweater to a date with my hubby. We went to Fridays where I had my favorite Sizzling Chicken & Cheese, and he had a Jack Daniels burger. Then, we did a little shopping. Not bad for a Saturday.

Stay tuned I'm working on a fun and quirky DIY!