My summer lately...

Vintage blouse, anthropologie skirt, Payless red heels, All thrifted! 


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have been all over the place. If I'm not at the thrift stores, I'm at home getting things ready for the big moving day. I have also been helping my husband with the remodeling of our house. I hope to write a post soon on that topic. 

This weekend was such a beautiful weekend as we finally got to meet my best friend's baby twin girls. She gave birth to them on Friday. We are all so grateful that everything turn out great. The babies are healthy and mommy is recuperating. 

Hubby and I holding the twins, Isabella and Valeria! 

My hubby holding Isabella ❤

Happy Monday! 


My Birthday Weekend

My birthday was actually a weekend ago. I had great time at church and from there my husband and I left to go get dinner. My parents and my aunt had agreed to join us. We decided to get pizza, because I LOVE pizza! 

   My aunt and her husband and my husband and I, outside the restaurant. 

I didn't get to take better pictures of my outfit, but this is what I wore. 

 The coach bag was a Christmas gift from almost 4 years ago, heels are from amazon, and my dress is thrifted vintage. 

                  Birthday cake!! 

I'm truly blessed and happy to get the opportunity to celebrate another year. I can't wait, by the grace of God, to see how this next year is going to be like.

Happy Monday!