Lady in Red


After searching for a few weeks, I finally found a lovely red dress. And best of all it's VINTAGE! I wore it with a belt from another vintage dress. I still can't figure out the print. To me it looks like birds or feathers. I also, love that its pleated at the skirt.

Do you have any recent thrift finds that you are extra proud of?


New Glasses!!

I finally got new glasses! Courtesy of the hubster. Thank you my love! My bangs are just a hot mess.


Spring Sale

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Spring Cheers

Vintage Blouse Thrifted
Vintage Thrifted Belt (from a dress)
Skirt Ebay
Shoes Thrifted 
Vintage Handbag Thrifted

Hello Luvs!!!

I don't think I was ever this excited for the arrival of spring. Don't get me wrong, I love winters in Chicago. In fact winter is one of my favorite seasons. This winter has just been really long for me.

This outfit, like most of my outfits, is 99.5% thrifted vintage! I always feel good when I realize that my outfit was well under 10 bucks. That is a  plus from shopping at the thrifts, not having too spend too much on a single item. Another plus, is that you know you are wearing unique pieces when they are vintage. There is no way someone in the same room will be wearing the same thing. Who knew it doesn't cost a lot of money to look great and feel unique?!



Playing Dress Up

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling super gloomy and lazy. For no reason what so ever. I want to blame it on the weather, because it has been so dark and cloudy lately. I just need sun filled days to get me going.

Something about having sunlight enter my apartment and shining on my plants makes me want to jump off my bed and do things. I'm so glad for these past two sunny days.

Also, can you believe I have only 6 more weeks of school?? Yikes! I have never been so excited for my summer break!!!

Sometimes, I like to play dress up to cheer up.

How do you deal with gloomy days?

Thrifted Vintage: dress and purse, boots are from Modcloth.


New Vintage

Good news! I finally added new dresses to my shop and some blouses!

Take a look here!



Black and White

I'm normally not into trends. Well if I see something at the store and I like it I'll buy it. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, but I always try to shoot for more weird and random outfits. Plus I'm always thrift shopping for vintage. I don't buy into a lot of trends.
This weekend I succumbed to the black and white trend for this Spring. My skirt was originally a vintage dress I thrifted about a month ago. It was too big so I made it into a skirt. I just couldn't get rid of it. So I had to make it work for me.

Thrifted Vintage: blouse, belt, DIY skirt, 1950's purse. Shoes are from forever21.


Peplum Dress

Last January, my phone died and it wouldn't charge or turn back on. Lucky for me my one year warranty was only three days away from ending. So I rushed over to the Mac store and got a new phone. Sadly I lost a lot of photos, but the other day I was looking through some emails and I found these. I don't think I ever posted them.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted vintage!

February: Instagram Recap

This month of February flew by so fast! I'm glad to say that it was a successful month, packed with great memories with my hubby, lots of yummy food, and fantastic thrift finds!!

If you already follow me on Instagram lots of these photos will be familiar. If you don't, you can find me @retroglamgirl!