There is no doubt that ever since I joined Pinterest my style has been slightly modified. I just love looking through photos of other girl's neat style. Slowly I have developed ideas of my own and borrowed some. Lets be honest at the end of the night originality rarely exist. But we make our outfits original with our very own personality, attitude, and of course those last personal touches. 

Here are some of my favorite recent pins:  


  1. I love the third picture!
    I've been wanting to neaten up my style too, but I think there's an inner scurffiness to me that can't be tamed.

    Your blog is beautiful, by the way!

    le fresne x

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Yes the third picture is lovely. I love the pleated skirt. Sometimes I feel the same. At the end of the night what matters is that you do what you like with your style. Thanks for the sweet comment!


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