Handmade 1960's Inspired Dress

Well Hello,

     Last week I got into a sewing mood and decided to take advantage of the fact that I'm not in school. Using New Look pattern 6125, I decided to make dress A on the pattern. This was my first time using a store bought pattern. I normally make my own when I sew. The pattern for this dress also included lining. I decided to skip it since I did not have the right fabric for lining and I figured it would be too hot for me to wear the dress in the summer.
     Skipping the lining alone change the whole direction of where I was going with the dress. If you look at dress A and the one I made they do not look alike at all! I still like how it turned out. I don't know much about sewing but this was great practice. I feel that my hemlines are getting better.
    I hope to continue practicing with patterns and encourage anyone to try it. A lot of these patterns are sewing beginner friendly so any one with little sewing skills can use. One good tip would be to practice on muslin first before actually transferring your patterns to your fabric. To some this might be gross but I buy bed sheets from the thrift to practice on before actually sewing with my fabric of choice.