Why Not?

Dress Vintage: Available Here, body-con skirt F21/ similar, Vintage Polka dot belt/similar, White Caged sandals/ similar

     I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have been having some nice hot summer days here in Chicago. All my cousins want to talk about is going to the lake, but since we are all very busy we haven't had a chance to plan. 

     Upon entering my summer break, I can't help but set up goals for myself. Goals that I hope to accomplish before the fall. Its in my nature to plan 24/7. I always like to have everything planned out, even if I'm not successful in accomplishing such plans. Am I the only one? 

What are some of your plans for your summer/summer break? 




Not So Matched

Outfit details: Thrifted old navy blouse and and sleeveless dress, heels are from ebay.

I love that I had perfectly matching heels for this outfit, but I instead wore something completely different. Sometimes is fun not to match. It makes you stand out and unique! Don't be afraid  not to match one day. Try it! If you are not sure how you can do it, do a little research online. Visit pinterest and get inspired.