Sunday Funday!

Hello all!! I'm now on my 6th week of student teaching. Whew! Ten more to go. I'm currently trying my best to stay organized. Being a teacher is a lot of work and if you are not organized you well learn to be! 

Here is my Sunday outfit: Thrifted: vintage dress, vintage lace blouse, vintage belt, vintage brooch, boots from Amazon, ring c/o Modern Design Inc 

How awesome is my tungsten ring?! Modern Design Inc sells custom made rings and wholesaled to many stores. I was contacted by them to write a review on one of their rings. I gotta tell ya, it was not easy choosing a ring. They have so many great options to select from. I was very pleased with my decision. The detail across the middle of my Carbide ring is very unique and beautiful! Check them out! 



September lately...

Tomorrow err today is the first day of Fall! Fall is by far my favorite season. I just love the weather. I enjoy the cool Chicago winds and not to mention the wardrobe change. 

This month I have been busy with all my student teaching preparations. I haven't really been at home long enough to write regularly. Somehow I have manage to to squeeze in some time for thrift shopping...what? I'm sooo broke. 

Here are some of my Instagram photos: 

Outfit prepping

Kitty boo

Thrifted vintage dress 


Thrifted goods

Print mixing 

Grape sweater I thrifted!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!