1950's Inspired

Shoes: Amazon, Thrifted: Banana Republic Top, Vintage Belt, Vintage Handmade skir, Vintage Purse.


Retro Mood

Vintage Dress from instaShop @retrorhaspody/ vintage purse, Oxford heels, and vintage brooch all thrifted


Pompons and Tulle skirts

Top: thrifted vintage, shoes: thrifted vintage, belt: thrifted vintage, shoes: thrifted vintage, purse: thrifted vintage, skirt: eBay, hat: Walmart. 


Here I am blogging about my summer looks, as always leaving everything till the end. Although, I kind of like this idea. 

Okay, so have you ever rediscovered something from your closet you had forgotten about or thought you wouldn't wear again? I have! I had already placed this skirt for sale on my IG store and after two weeks nobody bought it. So I took another look at it and wondered how I can make it unique. That's when I remembered that I had some pompons and I sewed those suckers on. Pompons are not that difficult to sew in. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of the process. I wish I did! 

To buy a similar skirt click here, and the pompons can be found at your local crafts shop. You can also try different sizes or colors. Have fun! 



Dresses with Collars


Vintage Dress: Joy Roy Vintage, belt and purse: Thrifted Vintage, Shoes: Thrifted Unknown brand 

How charming is this dress?! I bought it from Joy Roy Vintage. They have an etsy shop as well as an Instagram shop. You can find them Instagram by searching: @joyroyvintage. By far this has been one of my most favorite purchases from them. 

Aside from the style and fit on this vintage gem, I just love the collar! I love a good vintage collar. This dress has it all. Although I wore this on a rainy summer evening, I look forward to wearing it more this fall. 




Dress Transformation

From this 

To this

Ahh, I'm still not sure but I feel that it is a bit short. I found this dress while thrift shopping and thought I could sell it. Once I brought it home and decided to try it on, bam!! I liked it. 


Shop Retro Glam 30% 0ff Sale

I hope you can all stop by the shop and take advantage of this sale. Use code "retro30" to get 30% off your entire purchase. 

Visit the shop here.

Thank you!! xoxo


Sunday's Threads: Pink Again...

Vintage and Thrifted: Dress (similar),  Belt (similar), Brooch (similar), Purse (similar), Shoes from Amazon (similar)

     Funny thing about me wearing a pink dress (and for the second time this month), is that I never liked the color pink. I forget why... Anyway, the past weekend was jam packed with events. I woke up on Sunday feeling super tired. I honestly just wanted to sleep in! But, I didn't. I got up and put the first dress I saw on.

This Sunday,  I also rediscover the cute shoes I am wearing. The last time I wore them was the Fall of last year. Yikes! I have grown to become such a horrible hoarder. I have things in my closet that I forget I bought at the thrift (this dress is actually a good example). I can't help but feel bad about such habit.

Well, all that is going to end. We are soon to be moving to our new house, so I will have to do some heavy closet cleaning. I will also have a huge sale on my online shoppe Retro Glam.

Stay tune for the shop updates by following me on my instagram account @shopRetroGlam. I will post more info of the sale there.

- D


Pink Flamingo


Vintage Dress Far From Here Vintage/ Vintage belt, vintage purse, vintage shoes, vintage brooch all thrifted...

Hello Loves! 

     I hope everyone is having a fabulous day...How dreamy is my "new" to me vintage dress? When I first laid eyes on this cutie it was late at night (I tend to browse for vintage on the interwebs when I can't sleep). Sadly, I could not buy it right away. A few weeks later after that night, I was surprised to see that the dress was still available and I had to beg my hubby to buy it for me as a birthday gift.  I had to contact the shop owner Seanette for a few questions. She was very quick to answer and very helpful. I finally ordered the dress and well here I am wearing it. 

I loved the details of the dress from the crochet collar, to the pleated skirt, and also the lovely sleeves! I know for sure this won't be my last purchase from this shop.

Please stop by Seaneete's shop Far From Here Vintage and take a peek at her lovely vintage items. Who knows you too might fall in love with a couple of pieces or more.

- D


Sunday's Threads

Eyeglasses and Camouflage shirt F21, Vintage Dress, vintage belt, and vintage yellow heels all Thrifted

Hello all!
      Here is a funny story, I have been hunting for a strapless dress since the Fall of 2013. I even added it to my "Look For" list. Yes! I have a list I take with me when I thrift shop, mental list that is. It keeps me from buying things I don't need. So it wasn't until Saturday that I discovered this 80's vintage dress in my very own closet. I completely forgot about it since it was put away along with other summer pieces. I must have thrifted this dress about three summers ago.

     Initially, I have been wanting a strapless dress to style it with a white collar slouchy button up shirt. Once I found my dress, I started looking through my closet for the perfect white top to wear it with only to find out that I don't own that kind of top. Ha! All of my white blouses are vintage, with funky collars, eyelet details, and silly collar trims. So I wound up wearing it with my camouflage shirt from F21.

To get a better idea of a classy way to wear that strapless dress in your closet, take a look at some style Pinspiration:

Most of these are styled with a white collared shirt, but don't be afraid to add a little twist. You can wear a fun printed top, t-shirt, or a turtle neck sweater for the fall.

you can find me on pinterest here.



Why Not?

Dress Vintage: Available Here, body-con skirt F21/ similar, Vintage Polka dot belt/similar, White Caged sandals/ similar

     I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have been having some nice hot summer days here in Chicago. All my cousins want to talk about is going to the lake, but since we are all very busy we haven't had a chance to plan. 

     Upon entering my summer break, I can't help but set up goals for myself. Goals that I hope to accomplish before the fall. Its in my nature to plan 24/7. I always like to have everything planned out, even if I'm not successful in accomplishing such plans. Am I the only one? 

What are some of your plans for your summer/summer break? 




Not So Matched

Outfit details: Thrifted old navy blouse and and sleeveless dress, heels are from ebay.

I love that I had perfectly matching heels for this outfit, but I instead wore something completely different. Sometimes is fun not to match. It makes you stand out and unique! Don't be afraid  not to match one day. Try it! If you are not sure how you can do it, do a little research online. Visit pinterest and get inspired. 




April Fun Shots


     I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the month of April. Those of you who follow me on instagram may have already seen these. I will add more throughout the week. Enjoy your rest o the week.



April Showers Bring May Flowers

Wearing: Lazy Bones dress, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Vintage brooch, vintage leopard heels, vintage beaded purse: All thrifted!

Only three weeks of school left! There is so much to do. So much to turn in! I'm going crazy and not doing much. I still cant believe I am graduating! Finally! Ahh! Times like these only help me push harder for the finish line. But this is not the end but the beginning of a beautiful career! I'm so excited to see what is to come. I'm looking forward to my summer break. I have rediscovered how fun it is to read and I have a line of books ready for me to tackle. 

What plans do you have for this summer? 

Have a lovely weekend!! 


Psalm 37:4



Top vintage thrifted, skirt F21, Heels Amazon,

With summer around the corner, I decided to take a risk and get a pair of white heels. Why a risk? Because white shoes don't stay white for too long. Eventually after a few wears they get dirty. They are not my first pair of white shoes, but these by far are my favorite! 

Enjoy your weekend! 


Spring is in the Air

Vintage and Thrifted: Skirt, heels, brooch and purse!


I hope everyone is having a pleasant week so far. I finally found some time to squeeze in a new blog post. Yay! So for this post I decided to review my New Year's resolutions, here we go:

1. Thrift Shop Less: I must have gone thrift shopping almost three times a week er every week this passed year. Sure most of the times I would walk out empty handed and I always tried to have a budget.This year, I would like to go maybe once every other week. My goal is to appreciate and make the most out of what I already have. So this hasn't change one bit...I have a good excuse! Since I am unemployed, I have dedicated more time on selling vintage under my Instagram shop (@shopretroglam). And it has been so much fun and exciting. As you may know a lot of what I sell, I find it at the thrifts. So most of what I buy are items that will ultimately be sold in the shop.
2. Read More Books: My goal is to read one book a month. I'm still reading the same book that I started reading last year. For this I blame school. Although, I have been more committed to reading it and I am sad that I am almost done with it, but excited to soon choose a different book. 

3. Stay Organized: This means no more piling magazines in random corners of the apartment/house. I need to take care of anything that will pile up if I don't right away. Sadly I still have piles of magazines around the apartment. I did find them a new reader, I just need to mail them.

4. Eat/Live Healthier: It hasn't been easy but I have finally cut off drinking sweet drinks on regular days. I need to drink more water, eat less junk food at school, learn new recipes, eat out less, cook more, make wiser decisions when eating out, stop having seconds, and set exercise regiments. Yes, I have been doing all of the above! I have been cooking lots of lentils lately.

5. Lose 40lbs: That is how much I gained when I got married. Talking about weight loss is not easy, but there are tons of reasons for me to lose the weight specially after my health scare last year. I am down 9lbs!

6.Use Savings Account: I never learned how to save money, crazy! This is the year. I will need to work on this soon.

7. Send More Greeting Cards: I always thought about mailing cards to different people last year, but I didn't do it. I haven't mailed a single card :(

8. Hangout More: This means spending more time with my family and friends. Yes, I have been doing this!

9. Spent Less, Give More: This not only relates with how I manage my money, but also with how I manage my time. I want to volunteer more. If I had more time I would volunteer more, currently I have been helping at the school I did my student teaching. It has been fun!

10. Spiritual Growth: I want to continue to grow in my faith through prayer and reading the Bible. This year I have been going through some tough struggles with my health and I couldn't be more glad to have my faith to hold on to. I have definitely been growing in my faith and in my relationship with God. I need to read more, but I have been spending more time in prayer.

Woah! This was tough, but sometimes it is good to stop what you are doing and observe where your life is headed. This is something that I would like to continue to do. As a future teacher, I have learned the value of continuously reflecting on my teaching. Like wise, as a person, reflecting on my personal goals and where I'm at will help me to reach them.

Have a lovely week!