Good Bye May hello June

Another month has passed and another one has begun! I have got to say that I have been truly enjoying my weeks off from school. 

These past weeks I have been sleeping late and waking up late! I have been finally catching up on Mad Men. And now  I'm a bit sad because I'm in my last episodes.
I have also been going thrift shopping almost every other day! Gosh! I feel like my closet is going to hate me. Enough rambling here are some of my latest instagrams! 


Thrifty Thursday

  Let's face it, I can't say that I wasn't thrift shopping during my semester. Now that it is over, I have a bit of time to share with you some of my favorite finds of this week. So here they are:

Sweet vintage mouse brooch!! 

I can't wait to pin this brooch in between collars. 

This dress is just charming!

This dress is fall ready! Can't wait for the fall. (The fabric is to thick for summer)

I loved this vintage pink school girl dress! I can't wait to style it with a printed blouse. 

So excited about decorating our apartment with these two. 



I'm back

Whew! That was one busy semester.

I'm glad to finally start my summer break. This week was my official last week of school. I have been celebrating all weekend. I went on a date this Saturday with my hubby to a lovely restaurant. And we are planning on watching Iron Man 3 this evening.

What did you do this weekend?