There is no doubt that ever since I joined Pinterest my style has been slightly modified. I just love looking through photos of other girl's neat style. Slowly I have developed ideas of my own and borrowed some. Lets be honest at the end of the night originality rarely exist. But we make our outfits original with our very own personality, attitude, and of course those last personal touches. 

Here are some of my favorite recent pins:  


Fall is Here!

This past Saturday was the first day of Autumn and I couldn't be more jolly. I have never really liked summer and to know that it is finally over brings me joy. Goodbye annoying bugs and sweaty armpits. Here come fun layering outfits, colorful tights, and delicious hot warming teas. 

Well to celebrate the arrival of Autumn here is a fun 60's inspired outfit! Enjoy and have a lovely Monday!!!


Dress Vintage Thrifted
Shoes F21 


Layers Layers Layers

Vintage thrifted collar blouse 
Thrifted White house black market skirt 
Thrifted vintage tutu 
Snake print wedges from TJMax

So I can't stop wearing my white house black market skirt. It's super tight but I always try to hide that with either a long blazer or in this case a see through skirt over it. I'm not very happy with the way this outfit turned out. I think a different pair of shoes would have helped. But have I mentioned how much I like my studded skirt?




It has been a busy week full of instagraming. I'm an addict. It would be awesome if I could print all of my photos. But that would be expensive. Here are some pics that I took this week and maybe last:
My attempt to a braided up do. I was hoping it would be higher but I actually liked how it turned out. 

Here is picture of what I wore to school on Wednesday. Granny Diana came out to play. Haha! I love wearing slouchy sweaters. They are so comfy and they keep me warm on my train rides to school. Everything I'm wearing here is thrifted.  

 So, I thrifted this skirt on Tuesday and I'm trying to figure out how I would wear it. I'm still not sure how this would look on. I will also try to pair the skirt with a lace blouse and a blazer. Its so much fun when each piece has a different texture.
 Some pretty neat collar dresses and blouse I thrifted last week. I love the yellow one!! They all need minor alterations so I'm hoping I will finish them before the fall ends.
This is a super cute and large bow brooch I thrifted this Tuesday. I adore large brooches there is just so many ways to wear them. They can really change your look. 

So yeah I have to get back to packing. This weekend I will be going on a camping trip with my husband and church members. I'm super stoked since I have never gone camping. I bought some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for smores! What are you planning for this weekend?




Monkeys, Ducks and what? a Unicorn?

Cropped button top thrifted
Pleated Duck Print Vintage Thrifted
Franco Sarto Heels Thrifted
Unicorn Brooch Thrifted
Belt Vintage Thrifted 
Red Clutch Vintage Thrifted

     So this past weekend my aunt asked me to watch her cat for a few days. I thought it would be a good idea and said yes. I had a small phase where I tried to convince Moe on getting a cat, but I failed. You would think that having the cat over for a few days will only make me want one even more or help me convince Moe on getting one
     The truth is that this whole weekend has been a nightmare! Having any sort of pet is time consuming. Not only that but there are also expenses involved. Maybe back then when I was younger it was easier for me to have cats since I had more time on my hands and less financial needs. 
    This whole weekend I have been cleaning the cats but after he poops. I know gross! I think he still doesn't know how to clean up since he is very young. Also, I have to keep a very close eye on him because he keeps scracthing on the silk sofa. Not to mention how he loves to climb me stabbing me with his nails. I'm convinced this cat is from hell. I still love cats but I'm no longer thrilled about ever having one. 

Have a lovely labor day!