Vintage Floral Print dress: Thrifted
Vintage Belt: Thrifted
Vintage Cape: Thrifted
Cream Mary Jane Heels: Amazon
     There are a handful of things I am thankful for this thanksgiving. My faith, family, hubby, health, and all the beautiful people I'm surrounded with. I'm so excited and looking forward to see my family together for thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention having to eat all the delicious food.

     The cape I'm wearing here was only $0.45! I have been searching for a knitted cape for a while now. So when I first saw this one I was thrilled! It's a bit granny'ish, but I loved how warm and cozy it is. I now have four capes, all vintage.

Are you planning on shopping for black Friday?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. i have massive wardrobe envy - i'm sure that in exactly one billion years i could never find the amazing pieces that you do. 100% positive.


    1. Erica, it takes me multiple visits to the thrifts to be able to find the things I do. It's a hobby now lol! Thanks sweets!!


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