Just a Llittle Rant

Vintage Dress: Duet Vintage, Vintage Fedora: thrifted, Payless heels: thrifted 


Have you ever had so much to do that you don't even know where to start from?  Well that is how I feel today. It is probably one of the reasons why sometimes I'm not even sure why I have a blog .Okay, I do know one reason. I love sharing my thrifty outfits, promoting recycled fashion, and from time to time sharing DIY's, three reasons? 

Being organized is not easy period! But, I believe it is doable. It amazes me how much more I was able to get done when I was in school, working part time jobs, and helping at my local church. Now that I'm at home every other day, I can't seem to get most things done. Sometimes I catch myself trying to do three things at once. And many of us know that is not going to work. 

How do you stay organized?

Anyway, I have completed week three of eating better. I think from now on, I will stop counting the weeks. Especially if it is a life goal that I'm shooting for. Total count down 6lbs lost, not sure how many inches. It's interesting how men lose weight much more easier than women. My husband lost far much more than I. haha!

This fabulous vintage dress that I purchased from Duet Vintage on Etsy, did not fit me a few months ago. I was a little nervous to try it on, but it fit! Truly one of the quirks of a successful new eating routine.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of  your week! 


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