Problems of a vintage seller

It has been a bit over five months since my last blog post. But now I'm back! Well at least I will try to post more often again. As you can see, if you don't follow me on instagram, I am with child. Which is a whole other story. I will be happy to share with you soon. I'm currently five months pregnant. I won't find out what we are having until this coming Monday. Both my husband and I are very happy and grateful for this sweet tiny but big blessing. Now that I feel much better I hope to share a bit more about my pregnancy on the blog.
So, what are some problems I have come across selling vintage clothes?
One, you become somewhat of a hoarder. Although I'm not a full time seller, the little inventory that I have has begun to pile up. If you were to walk in to my house right now you would find bags of vintage clothes in random corners. Maybe a few piles on my couch and another pile by my kitchen table.
Two, you want to keep all of it. Okay maybe not all of it, only most of the items in your size. This top dress is a prime example of this problem. It was a sunny afternoon, when I was shooting some vintage dresses to post on my shop. It wasn't until a took photos of this cutie, that I realized I just couldn't let it go. I fell in love with the buttons, the sleeves, and the dots. So, I ran to my closet and took out a vintage dress that I didn't wear any more to sell instead of this. You just have to compromise if not your closet will eventually overflow.  
Those are my two problems so far in the three years that I have been selling vintage clothes. Do any of you have a clothing shoppe? Do you have similar issues? Do tell!!
I usually post more on my instaShop over at http://websta.me/n/shopretroglam or you can find me by searching @shopretroglam on the instagram app.

All thrifted: Vintage Dress, vintage clutch, and vintage brooch /Hat from Walmart /Shoes from MakeMeChic

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