Gray vs. Grey

Dress/Thrifted Vintage, Belt/Thrifted Vintage, Brooch/Thrifted Vintage, Shoes and clutch/H&M

      I can't remember the last time wore I one color throughout an outfit. I'm not a fan of just wearing one color. That is why you will rarely see me wearing all black. I got this dress at a thrift store by the house my husband and I just bought a few months ago...

     About that, well we still haven't moved in yet. The house needs few last changes before we can start painting, adding new floors, and kitchen cabinets. Till then, we won't be ready to move in.

     Not moving in right now is something I'm totally okay with. School is just really keeping me busy. I can't imagine having to pack all our stuff on top of everything else I'm already doing. Not now, I would go crazy. I'm on my 9th week of student teaching, that means 7 more to go!! 

     I'm glad for such a beautiful experience. I'm learning so many things and applying a lot of what I have learned.

    I hope you all have a pleasant week! I have to get back to grading papers (I'm typing this with a smile on my face... what I love grading papers!) 



  1. This dress is stunning! What a great silhouette. Loving the monochromatic look on you!


    1. Hi Elana!

      This dress was just what I needed! thank you for stopping by :D

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