Bonjour BonLook!

Dress/Thrifted Vintage, Belt/Thrifted, Shoes/ F21, Glasses c/o Bonlook 

Hello All!

I'm extra happy to write this post today, because I will be talking about my new eye glasses from Bonlook. They are the La Marquise - Tortoise frames. It's funny how when I first found out that I needed glasses I dreaded the idea. I would only wear them during class back in high school and through most of my early college years. I guess I wasn't comfortable with how they looked on me to wear them all the time. 

Honestly, some of the frames that I could afford back then were not that appealing either. I'm so glad for companies like Bonlook! They not only have great affordable prices but also such phenomenal styles of frames.

I have been eying the frames I got for a while. I just love the cat eye style and the fact that they come in tortoise. The only downfall is that my cheeks are too fat. Ha! The bottom of the frames lay right on top of my "cheek bones" so when I push them up they leave a mark. Other then that I have been wearing them all day and night and haven't experience any problems. It might be too soon to talk about the quality, but so fart so good.

If you wear eye glasses and are in need of new frames you should check them out! 

Thank You Bonlook!!!


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