November Lately...

Hello all! Here are some photos that I've shared on instagram and some that I did not. I am no photographer what so ever, just look at the pictures haha. I love to capture random pretty things around me. Enjoy!

I just love plants!

I didn't get to take pictures of this outfit, but I had to share this one of some lovely details. Top, belt, skirt, and belt were all thrifted!

Just some fun items I thrifted this weekend.

One of my few dresses that will be added to the store soon!

Kitty!!! I love taking naps with this girl.

The details of this dress are so dainty... 

I just love when my spider plant gives me flowers. These tiny flowers only last a day or two.

Lately been print mixing all month.

Kitty boo trying to drink some water.

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