When you find treasures in your own closet...

{Dress thrifted vintage, belt thrifted vintage, purse thrifted vintage, shoes thrifted}

It's been a bit chilly here in Chicago so long sleeve it was! 

I read a quote the other day it said: "someone else is happy with less then what you have."

It struck me because I've noticed that I have been wanting to buy so many things on amazon that I thought it would be nice to own. I hardly ever buy new for various reasons, so this was strange. Wanting these items made anxious for job. I'm not saying its wrong to want things but reading this message helped me accept and remember that I don't HAVE to have everything I see. 

I guess this is one of my main reasons why I don't like to be "on trend." It's hard to stay up to date with fashion when you don't have the right resources. So I came up with my own style. I wear what I truly want and not what the media throws at me (unless I really like it and can afford it).



  1. Oh my goodness! This outfit is extremely cute!!!!

  2. I've never been one that had to have "trendy" items. I take that back. I remember begging and pleading for an awkward pair of hiking boots by GUESS back in 5th grade, I wanted round toe RUN DMC-esque ADIDIAS back in 7th grade, and I wanted KSWISS shoes in 9th grade. Ha!

    But when it comes to clothing I'm all about personal style and not buying into trends that leave as quickly as they come.

    One thing I'm having to practice is the art of being content with what I have. I think that blogs/blogging makes it so easy to oooh, ahhh, and want things when we really don't need them!

    Great post, Diana!

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