Thrifty Thursday: July

     I can't believe we are in the month of August already!! Well this past July has been filled with many fun thrift shopping trips. I have decided to show you some of my most favorite finds. On the top corner to the left you will see a cute vintage footstool. I was so glad to find it because every time I try to hang Moe's shirts I can never reach the clothing rack. The closet in our room was design for a 6 ft man. 
     Next to it is a clear hand bag that I found last week. I have been looking for something similar  for a few months now. Not only was I glad to find it, but I was glad to see it would only cost me $0.90.
      The photo underneath the footstool shows a pair of Micheal Kors studded bow flats. I found them the moment I walked in the thrift and couldn't believe they were just my size and they were brand new. Retail price $119 and I paid $2.45! Next to shoes is a beautiful mesh top. I had seen this mesh top a few thrift shopping trips ago but didn't dare to pay $6 for it. Until there was a half sale and I discovered it for the second time. I knew it was meant to be.


  1. these are all very nice..I love that clear handbag!
    & I agree - time is passing by so fast these days. It's August but to me it still feels like May =\

  2. These are all such good finds, I can't believe how cheap you got those adorable shoes for! :)


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