Pompons and Tulle skirts

Top: thrifted vintage, shoes: thrifted vintage, belt: thrifted vintage, shoes: thrifted vintage, purse: thrifted vintage, skirt: eBay, hat: Walmart. 


Here I am blogging about my summer looks, as always leaving everything till the end. Although, I kind of like this idea. 

Okay, so have you ever rediscovered something from your closet you had forgotten about or thought you wouldn't wear again? I have! I had already placed this skirt for sale on my IG store and after two weeks nobody bought it. So I took another look at it and wondered how I can make it unique. That's when I remembered that I had some pompons and I sewed those suckers on. Pompons are not that difficult to sew in. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of the process. I wish I did! 

To buy a similar skirt click here, and the pompons can be found at your local crafts shop. You can also try different sizes or colors. Have fun! 


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