New Year Resolutions

New Year's Eve Outfit
Blouse: Ebay, Vintage Belt: Thrifted, Vintage skirt: Thrifted, Petticoat: Ebay,
Glittered heels: Thrifted 

Enjoying the new year so far? I know I am! I spent all night cleaning out my closet. As I was cleaning I was contemplating on whether or not I should share my new year's resolution on the blog. Since last year's were quite successful, I think sharing them this year will help me be even more successful.

So here they go: 

1. Thrift Shop Less: I must have gone thrift shopping almost three times a week er every other week this passed year. Sure most of the times I would walk out empty handed and I always tried to have a budget.This year, I would like to go maybe once every other week. My goal is to appreciate and make the most out of what I already have. 
2. Read More Books: My goal is to read one book a month.

3. Stay Organized: This means no more piling magazines in random corners of the apartment/house. I need to take care of anything that will pile up if I don't right away. 

4. Eat/Live Healthier: It hasn't been easy but I have finally cut off drinking sweet drinks on regular days. I need to drink more water, eat less junk food at school, learn new recipes, eat out less, cook more, make wiser decisions when eating out, stop having seconds, and set exercise regiments.

5. Lose 40lbs: That is how much I gained when I got married. Talking about weight loss is not easy, but there are tons of reasons for me to lose the weight specially after my health scare last year.

6.Use Savings Account: I never learned how to save money, crazy! This is the year. 

7. Send More Greeting Cards: I always thought about mailing cards to different people last year, but I didn't do it.

8. Hangout More: This means spending more time with my family and friends.

9. Spent Less, Give More: This not only relates with how I manage my money, but also with how I manage my time. I want to volunteer more. 

10. Spiritual Growth: I want to continue to grow in my faith through prayer and reading the Bible.

Do you have any tips for me? Please do tell. What are your resolutions for this new year?

God willing, I look forward to looking back at this in the upcoming year.

Psalms 37:4 <3


  1. That skirt is so adorable - hope that you had a great holiday season! Good luck as you start your resolutions!


    1. Thanks dear! Best wishes to you on this new year!


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