My Birthday Weekend

My birthday was actually a weekend ago. I had great time at church and from there my husband and I left to go get dinner. My parents and my aunt had agreed to join us. We decided to get pizza, because I LOVE pizza! 

   My aunt and her husband and my husband and I, outside the restaurant. 

I didn't get to take better pictures of my outfit, but this is what I wore. 

 The coach bag was a Christmas gift from almost 4 years ago, heels are from amazon, and my dress is thrifted vintage. 

                  Birthday cake!! 

I'm truly blessed and happy to get the opportunity to celebrate another year. I can't wait, by the grace of God, to see how this next year is going to be like.

Happy Monday! 



  1. Zomigoodness!Is that some sort of pasta pie? All I see is cheese and I want some now. Happy belated brithday!

    1. It was some delicious pizza! Best in town :) thanks dear!!

  2. LOVE your dress. The color, the style. Super adorable!


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