Spring Cheers

Vintage Blouse Thrifted
Vintage Thrifted Belt (from a dress)
Skirt Ebay
Shoes Thrifted 
Vintage Handbag Thrifted

Hello Luvs!!!

I don't think I was ever this excited for the arrival of spring. Don't get me wrong, I love winters in Chicago. In fact winter is one of my favorite seasons. This winter has just been really long for me.

This outfit, like most of my outfits, is 99.5% thrifted vintage! I always feel good when I realize that my outfit was well under 10 bucks. That is a  plus from shopping at the thrifts, not having too spend too much on a single item. Another plus, is that you know you are wearing unique pieces when they are vintage. There is no way someone in the same room will be wearing the same thing. Who knew it doesn't cost a lot of money to look great and feel unique?!



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