Polkadots and Buttons

This year, I really don't have any resolutions, but I did wanted to make some changes. That bad thing about being a thriftaholic is that I have gathered so many clothes. I've gathered so many clothes that sometimes I forget what I have.
For example, this vintage dress. I bought it last year around spring and I'm barely wearing. I've tried to stop thrift shopping just to give myself a chance to appreciate and wear what I already have, but that has not worked. I think I ended thrift shopping twice as much.
So, this year I'm changing the way I look at clothes and will be planning my outfits with more time, so that I won't wear the same thing. As far as the thrift shopping, I'm only going once a week (it's a work in progress hehe).

Feel free to give me some advice or tips.


Outfit details: vintage dress & vintage purse & and vintage heels all thrifted.


  1. I know how you feel. It can be a...problem. Especially when you don't have all the space you need to house the clothes. I sometimes get away with it by selling the stuff I have online or on Poshmark.

    I've decided to scale back by thrifting to once every two weeks, but it's so hard. The awesome thing about thrifting is the thrill of the hunt and that keeps me going to the stores at least 2-3 times a week. SIGH.

    Is there hope for us?????!!

    More Modern Modesty


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