HDR Pink

Dress: Vintage 
Belt: Vintage 
Tights: HUE
Boots: F21
Clutch: Vintage 

     This week I made a drastic change in the way I eat and how I eat. I have been cutting down on the meat, white bread, and sweet drinks. I try not to eat pass 5 PM. I'm eating more vegetables, fruits, and drinking more water. It's amazing what a week worth of these changes can bring. I have been feeling less tired and bloated.
     The reason for these changes are not only to have a better health but also for me to go back to my normal weight (from before I got married), and so I can fit back into my favorite vintage clothes. I hope that I can stay committed to this change. I would really like to see the results soon, aside from feeling better. 
     Also, this week I have been cleaning out my closet trying to chose clothes for my shop (COMING SOON). I am a bit nervous. I have no idea how selling online works. Sooooo if anyone out there has an online store and wants to give me some advice please do! 

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